We Are Not Free

I was a devout existentialist all through college until about my mid-twenties. At age 24 I discovered what it means to be slapped in the face by this thing called life… she can be a real bitch sometimes. I battled an autoimmune condition, which lasted for many months. My views shifted. I started expressing more gratitude for the simplest things I used to take for granted like doing my own grocery shopping. I realized that indeed we are not our choices as Jean-Paul Sartre, my college idol once purported. Eventually even Sarte departed from his existentialist ways probably because he too experienced a hard dose of reality in some way, shape or form at some point in his life. (more…)

The San Diego Opera Experience: Part 3


cartwheel me n jeff

Hello Fellow Yogis and Lovers of Movement!

It has been a while since I last blogged but I just wanted to share my latest experience (and what a wonderful one it was) to once again be a part of a fantastic and dynamic group of dancers in San Diego Opera’s A Masked Ball! Giuseppe Verdi’s poignant score along with an intriguing story will turn anyone into an opera fan!

Here are some photos from this last San Diego Opera experience! Enjoy! :D (more…)

The San Diego Opera Experience Part 1: Samson & Delilah w/The Girls

samson delilah girls act3

Hello All! It has been a long time since I have blogged, but I am starting up again. I recently finished performing in San Diego Opera’s production of Samson & Delilah. What an amazing experience with amazing dancers! I will be performing with San Diego Opera again in April in their production of Aida.

To purchase discounted* tickets for Aida please click here.samson lift*Please note that discounted tickets only apply to Tuesday and Friday evening performances.

Relax is a Verb!

being is in doing

“Let go,” “release,” and “undo,” are terms loosely thrown around by many yoga instructors. Are we really spending $20 per class to have someone tell us to relax? No wonder I can’t get rich! The theory goes that if you are able to momentarily step away from the outside world placing it on hold and turn your attention inward that you will finally tap into that inner child that you so dearly miss. As a yoga instructor I agree with this theory only somewhat because then there are those of us who “do” in order to “be.” Somehow through all of this “doing” or “undoing” (which is still doing something) you will supposedly find your true creative spirit.  Isn’t going to your local yoga studio and practicing yoga in and of itself doing something, even if you are laying in Savasana (Corpse Pose)? My point is we cannot NOT do. (more…)

Feedback for a Brilliant Mind and Its Groundbreaking Accomplishments

stephen hawking graphic post

Brilliant minds unlock invaluable information that you and I take for granted. One of those brilliant minds is Stephen Hawking. The man needs no introduction.

Several months back I blogged about the nature of existence in Existence, A Verifiable Reality.  A few days ago a team of people building a graphic dedicated to Mr. Hawking and his achievements approached me and asked to me for my feedback on this graphic (see image above).

If you are reading this post, then I would also like to ask you for your feedback on this graphic. If anyone is a shining example of “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it…” its MR. HAWKING.


Politics of Yoga…Yea Buddy!

politics of yoga

Don’t think for a second that yoga instructors are some ethereal form of human. We are just regular people engaging in regular people behavior. The yoga industry is booming here in the Yoga Mecca we know and love as Los Angeles. A surplus of yoga instructors pervades this town, many of which have no business teaching and molding bodies in the first place. If you add up all these variables you get something very “unyogic” : COMPETITION. Competition is good just like Darwin said because it eliminates the weak and the talentless from the strong and talented. We are not all created equal in all respects. Some people are better than others at certain things. A yoga instructor who relies only their yoga teacher-training education program and their passion could be a good instructor. However, when a lifetime dedicated to training for a career in professional dance, athletics, sports medicine, etc… is coupled with a yoga teacher-training education program the end result is a first-class instructor! Any regular Joe can sign up for yoga teacher-training courses, pay the money, and take the classes. It’s not rocket science. What is a science is having a solid understanding of how to apply movement principles into action and who better to teach these principles than people who move FOR A LIVING! I call these people, myself included, Movement Specialists. (more…)

When Nature Gives You A Lemon, You Think: “Buddha?”

When nature gives u a lemon u think buddha


Why search for inspiration anywhere else other than nature. This is an actual lemon from a tree in my backyard. Only nature could design something as awesome as this!!!! To me it looks like a mother with her child in her lap… or does it sort of look like Buddha?

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